NY pizza in LV: DiFrara

Let’s get this straight…

DiFara is only found in Brooklyn, NY AND… LAS VEGAS. Not Brooklyn and Los Angeles, or San Francisco, or Miami… BUT BROOKLYN AND LAS VEGAS. This famous pizzeria can only be eaten in these two locations… holy eff!

This delicious pizza pick-up happened while cruising the casino floors to see the Chinese New Year decorations at Cesar’s Palace. We ordered a combo of a slice of pizza and 2 garlic knots.

AMAZING. What makes it amazing? The pizza dough.. and the right balance of tomato sauce to cheese ratio.



Hobak: Korean BBQ

January has been pretty busy for me! Luckily, I still had time to go out for dinner. Let me show you a short review of the places visited.

First stop: Hobak Korean BBQ. We arrived around 10:30pm for a late dinner.The interior is absolutely fun! The decor and seating makes it feel as if you’re eating out in a street market.

This isn’t one of those all you can eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ. Hobak is about the meat quality and experience. There is care and freshness that goes into the meat. Also, this place is strictly beef and pork, no chicken my friends! They do have brisket on the menu, but please try other cuts here!

Our server was very attentive and guided us throughout the entire presentation. He explained different ways to eat pair up the meat with the side dishes–Banchan. There were so many side dishes and each one was yummy! I am fickle about kimichi in the sense that some places really over do it with the spicy seasoning. The spicy seasoning becomes so over powering that you cannot enjoy the kimichi. Hobak was the perfect balance.

One of my favorite combinations was the brisket with sushi rice. OMG, my face wanted to melt from the delicious flavor of the beef and sushi rice vinegar. Another stand-out combination was the skirt-steak wrapped in rice-vinegar bokchoy leaves.

Hobak was delicious and left me SO FULL as if I ate AYCE! I secretly trying to make my way back in soon. mehehe

Milos at the Cosmo

Let me just tell you… WOW!

Came here to check out the menu during their Lunch Special Hour. It is a prefixed menu of selected items from appetizer, main dish, and dessert. They even have a wine pairing selection for you!

I did not get to fully experience the whole world of Milos because I had very congested sinuses and felt a bit groggy… but the venue was beautiful. The fresh selection of fish proudly displayed for serving, was something I did not think could be real in the desert. It looked as if we were port-side on the Mediterranean ocean.

Here is the link to Milos website: http://milos.ca/restaurants/las-vegas

Let me show you the world of Milos:

For Appetizer, started with the Greek Meze Plate (left image) and the Tomato Salad. The Humus and Tzatziki … was the creamiest cloud of deliciousness every to taste. It made me upset because I knew I could never find it in a grocery store pre-made. So I savored every last creamy goodness of it.

For the main course we selected the Grain Fed Chicken Skewer and the Dorade Royale. I have never inhaled food faster than I had this. Gaah


Finally for dessert, this was the mother of all mother Greek Yogurts… THE REAL GREEK YOGURT. There are not words or noises to describe how incredible this was. I am not a huge sweets fan, but this… was the perfect balance of fruit sweet and natural sweet. Just wanted to order a Gallon Tub of this to go home with me.

I never wanted it to end.

If you love Mediterranean, I’m talking about REAL fresh Mediterranean… this right here is somewhere to check out.


Sin City


Finally settled  in to my new home in Las Vegas! Gotta say, I have been wrapped in all the best eats here in the twinkling town. If you check out my instagram (Foodie.Groupie), you can see all the places I have been bopping around and trying. There is no shame to my eating food game; from $7.99 off the strip buffets to the latest and hottest eateries on the strip.

(The Image is titled, “Love at First Vodka-Soda”.)




Eating Food Since ’86

Let’s give this a try! I figured, Hey since I love to eat, go to out to eat, try new food, cook, eat bad food, eat strange foods… might as well share my experience with everyone. Foodie Groupie blog will share my adventures with food but not limited to: Fashion, Travel and Adventures, and pictures of my cat.


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“Here is a selfie of drinking bubbly bubbles in Las Vegas”